Fleetwood Mac
A1 Monday Morning  
A2 Warm Ways  
A3 Blue Letter  
A4 Rhiannon  
A5 Over My Head  
A6 Crystal  
B1 Say You Love Me  
B2 Landslide  
B3 World Turning  
B4 Sugar Daddy  
B5 I'm So Afraid  
C1 Second Hand News  
C2 Dreams  
C3 Never Going Back Again  
C4 Don't Stop  
C5 Go Your Own Way  
C6 Songbird  
D1 The Chain  
D2 You Make Loving Fun  
D3 I Don't Want To Know  
D4 Oh Daddy  
D5 Gold Dust Woman  
E1 Over & Over  
E2 The Ledge  
E3 Think About Me  
E4 Save Me A Place  
E5 Sara  
F1 What Makes You Think You're The One  
F2 Storms  
F3 That's All For Everyone  
F4 Not That Funny  
F5 Sisters Of The Moon  
G1 Angel  
G2 That's Enough For Me  
G3 Brown Eyes  
G4 Never Make Me Cry  
G5 I Know I'm Not Wrong  
H1 Honey Hi  
H2 Beautiful Child  
H3 Walk A Thin Line  
H4 Tusk  
H5 Never Forget  
I1 Love In Store  
I2 Can't Go Back  
I3 That's Alright  
I4 Book Of Love  
I5 Gypsy  
I6 Only Over You  
J1 Empire State  
J2 Straight Back  
J3 Hold Me  
J4 Oh Diane  
J5 Eyes Of The World  
J6 Wish You Were Here  
  Tango In The Night
K1 Big Love  
K2 Seven Wonders  
K3 Everywhere  
K4 Caroline  
K5 Tango In The Night  
K6 Mystified  
L1 Little Lies  
L2 Family Man  
L3 Welcome To The Room...Sara  
L4 Isn't It Midnight  
L5 When I See You Again  
L6 You And I, Part II

Fleetwood Mac | 1975-1987 | Coloured 5LP | RARE