Side A

  1. Strange World
  2. Join Me (In Death)
  3. Heartkiller
  4. Wings Of A Butterfly
  5. The Kiss Of Dawn (Radio Edit)


Side B

  1. The Funeral Of Hearts (Radio Edit)
  2. Right Here In My Arms (Radio Edit)
  3. Pretending
  4. Buried Alive By Love (Radio Edit)
  5. Gone With The Sin


Side C

  1. Your Sweet Six Six Six
  2. The Sacrament (Radio Edit)
  3. Wicked Game
  4. Killing Loneliness
  5. Bleed Well (Radio Edit)


Side D

  1. In Joy And Sorrow (Radio Edit)
  2. Poison Girl
  3. Scared To Death
  4. When Love And Death Embrace (Radio Edit)
  5. Heartache Every Moment

HIM | Two Decades Of Love Metal | 2LP