The Shadowmaster Edition of the game includes: THE GAME Copy of the Immortals Fenyx Rising game. DIGITAL CONTENT* The Hades the Shadowmaster Character Pack. Master the power of shadows and secrets! Includes: Hades-themed armor: Gear fit for the Lord of the Underworld, those who wear it gain a mastery of secrets and shadows. Helmet: A cunning master of shadows, Hades moves unseen among the shades of the Underworld. Horse: Looking deep into this horse's eyes may tempt its rider into another world. But even if you enter the void, Abyss will follow. Wings: These wings allow its wearer to freely roam the Underworld and uncover all its dark secrets. Phoenix: Phosphor the Messenger of Grief. The dark feathers of this bird carries only news of death and grief from the Underworld.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Shadowmaster Edition | PS4