A1 Hurry Up and Wait  
A2 You're My Star  
A3 Suzy  
A4 Katie  
B1 I Wanna Get Lost With You  
B2 Help Me Make It Through The Night  
B3 I Stopped To Fill My Car Up  
C1 Before Anyone Knew Our Name  
C2 Mr. Writer  
C3 Rewind  
D1 Local Boy In The Photograph  
D2 Feel  
D3 Into The World  
D4 This Life Ain't Easy (But It's The One That We All Got)  
D5 Boy On A Bike  
E1 No-One's Perfect  
E2 Show Me How  
E3 Maybe Tomorrow  
F1 Traffic  
F2 Just Looking  
F3 Dakota

Kelly Jones | Don't Let The Devil Take Another Day | 3LP