Side A

  1. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
  2. What's The Use Of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)
  3. Five Guys Named Moe
  4. That'll Just About Knock Me Out
  5. Ration Blues
  6. G.I Jive
  7. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
  8. Mop! Mop!
  9. You Can't Get That No More


Side B

  1. Caldonia
  2. Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door
  3. Buzz Me
  4. Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule
  5. Salt Pork, West Virginia
  6. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'
  7. Beware (Brother Beware)
  8. Stone Cold Dead In The Market
  9. That Chick's Too Young To Fry


Side C

  1. Ain't That Just Like A Woman
  2. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
  3. Let The Good Times Roll
  4. Texas And Pacific
  5. Open The Door, Richard
  6. Jack, You're Dead
  7. Boogie Woogie Blue Plate
  8. Early In The Morning
  9. Barnyard Boogie


Side D

  1. Reet, Petite And Gone
  2. Run, Joe
  3. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  4. Beans And Corn Bread
  5. Saturday Night Fish Fry
  6. School Days
  7. Blue Light Boogie
  8. Teardrops From My Eyes

Louis Jordan | Let The Good Times Roll: 46 Greatest Hits | 2LP